Thursday, April 19, 2007

Climber Profile: Randy Ho a.k.a. Crag Napper

Age: 28

Height: 5' 8"

Ape Index: -3"

Favorite Climb / Crag: "Hoo Doo you love?" – Hoo Doos, WY

Current Project: That climb that keeps giving me whippers

Portfolio: Alpine, Sport, Trad, Bouldering

Motto: If you can't reach it, dyno

A profound quote from Randy: “You can't drink beer _and_ climb at the same time...or can you…hmmm…this give me an idea.”

More than just a narcoleptic, Randy Ho is quite an active person. He’s the only climber I know that will run a full marathon on Saturday and be out at the crag either later that day or the next.

He’s a time optimist, which sometimes leaves him napping at the crag to recover from the previous night’s “clubbing marathon.” When I lived in Austin, Randy was one of the only fellow
climbers that would be out with me till the late hours in the night promising to rendezvous in the morning for some hard cranking…and actually show.

But, credit is due. One prod and he stirs out of sleep to step into his harness and jump right onto his latest project. And, as these photos prove, he may need that rest to push through the extreme emotional states he experiences in sending a route. He’ll go from happy, to serious, to ANGRY in seconds.

One reason why you don’t disturb him from his sleep.


Jenuanne said...

So true...I have frequently seen Randy belaying, eyes half closed, leaning against some rock or tree trunk. I guess his ape index situation leads nicely into his motto! Great profile, Paul :-)

Maya said...

haha... dirty ho. glad to see nothings changed since ive left. great job on the site paul. now come to japan and do an article over here.

Maya said...
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Texas Transplant said...

Randy Ho, how I love you.