Thursday, May 24, 2007

Austin: A model climbing community

I just got back from a long weekend in Austin and had the opportunity to get out to both Reimer’s Ranch and the Green Belt (New Wall & Great Wall). Although it was slightly humid, the conditions were ideal.

The crags in Austin are definitely getting crowded. I think it has a lot to do with the open climbing community and social scene in Austin. Having been out of Austin for a couple years now, I have realized that Austin has a very unique climbing community. It’s the only place I have climbed where you can just show up with your shoes and a harness and have no trouble meeting a crew of folks to climb with…almost any day of the week.

Many of the climbers are active in ensuring access and developing climbing areas as well. Just recently, the future of climbing in Reimer’s Ranch was solidified with help by the Central Texas Mountaineers and the Access Fund who assisted the county in purchasing the land rather than it going to a private developer. Additionally, the county bought up another area next to Reimer’s that holds the promise to nearly double the amount of routes in the area.

In my opinion Austin is a benchmark city for climbers to strive for. It would be excellent to have that camaraderie when road-tripping.

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Eric said...

It was good to see you as well. In time the Austin community will dominate the climbing communities by becoming the bench mark community. Take for instance 'Rock and Ice.' One of our own is the second in command, and consistentingly Texas climbers, and Mexico, which is like our private climbing ranch, is featured. See article about Hank Caylor in this months issue. Texan to the bone. But even more, it could be a southern thing, or a western thing, (which ain't California).Texas is a bit of both and mostly its own. we don't fear people, because if we don't like you, we'll shoot you dead. Well armed people are full of grace and charm. We don't have to be uptight and selective. That's what bullets are for.