Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Registration opens for 2009 Granite Gripper

(Posted on behalf of CTCC)

That's right folks. This will be the 18th consecutive year for us!

We're really excited about this year's event as we'll be debuting a companion film contest to the climbing comp. We've taken input & lessons learned from year's past and poured our creative juices over trying to make this the best year yet.

Everything is made possible by our sponsors, volunteers and, of course, you! So mark your calendars for the weekend of October the 17th, 2009 as Gripper Weekend and come on down for a great time climbing on central Texas' best granite and socializing below the domes among our awesome climbing community.

As always, all money raised goes directly to the Friends of Enchanted Rock... our local ERock stewards who have tirelessly worked to not only maintain, but improve the quality of our trails and our experiences while visiting the park.

Please visit the granite gripper site at (or you can just as well start at the CTCC's home page) for information regarding the film contest and how to register online. Act soon as we're offering incredible deals for online registrants!

Here's an early "Thanks Yall!" for everyone who can make it or help spread the word. We'll see ya at our beautiful Enchanted Rock SNA.

Wishing you safe & happy climbing!

The members of the Central Texas Climbing Committee,
Bill Gooch
Matt Twyman
Conrad Schaefer
Barry Wilson
Corey Fields
Gail McClanahan
James Faerber


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